How to Whiten underarm skin

How to Whiten underarm skin, a lot of them have skin the color black underarm. This caused the number of dead skin cells that accumulate in your armpits. And many causes that can make your underarm skin to be like them. Black underarm skin that can reduce your confidence.

Here I will tell you how to tell how to Whiten underarm skin.

How to Whiten underarm skin: exfoliation

Armpit skin is blackened due to a lot of dead skin cells that are in the armpit. So you need to get rid of dead skin cells from the skin of your armpit. You can use a special cream on your underarms and rub with a sponge bath. This will make you throw away dead skin cells on your underarm skin.

How to Whiten underarm skin: Choosing a razor

In choosing the razor is also not arbitrary. Razors used to be sharp. If not, then it will block pores and makes your underarm skin your underarm skin to black. So to avoid this you should use a quality razor.


How to Whiten underarm skin: Choosing a deodorant

Deodorants can also be the cause of your underarm skin to black. This may be due to the deodorant ingredient is incompatible with your skin. So has the risk of making your underarm skin to black. You can use a natural deodorant with baking soda if you want. It also can effectively make your underarm skin away from the fungi and bacteria. That is about tips on how to Whiten underarm skin.

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Aromatherapy essential oil to skin care

Aromatherapy essential oil skin care is a very nice thing to do. You can treat your skin with a natural healthy thing for your skin.

Aromatherapy essential oil skin care with 10 types of essential oils, namely:

Aromatherapy essential oil : Lavender

Lavender serves to stimulation growth and development of skin cells. In addition, it also can increase endurance, reduce pain, reduce depression, lower blood pressure, and relaxes tense muscles. So that it can inhibit premature aging.

Aromatherapy essential oil : Kanuka

Kanuka serves as a reliever if you have skin allergies and can also increase your confidence will our skin healthy.

Aromatherapy essential oil : Green tea

Green tea is also nice and serves as an anti-fungal, anti bacterial, and get rid of toxins that exist on the face. In addition, also able to eliminate dandruff and acne. Thereby making the circulation of an advanced smoothly.

Aromatherapy essential oil : Roman chamomile

Essential oils may act to stimulate the formation of leukocytes, relaxes, and can also stretch the nerves. So when you're doing with roman chamomile skin care can make you feel comfortable and calm.

Aromatherapy essential oil : Sandalwood

Sandalwood is useful to soften your skin and will also balance the water levels in your body that makes your skin to be beautiful.

Aromatherapy essential oil : Geranium

Geranium is helpful for balancing hormones in any situation. Thus inhibiting premature aging.

That's about all sorts of essential from me. Hopefully you can do so by using aromatherapy essential oils skin care.

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Types of pimples

Type of pimples - Acne is very often interfere with our skin so the face becomes uncomfortable to look at. Acne has a characteristic pink or reddish and slightly protruding.

Reasons and types of acne

Usually, acne is caused by:

a. stress
b. sleep deprivation
c. many thoughts

and still many others that cause acne. It all makes the production of excess oil into your skin and make acne and could easily grow an advanced breeding bacteria. Thus causing the skin pores become clogged.

Types of pimples is divided into three namely:

• classic acne known as acne or regular
• stone acne or acne that can leave marks on the face

What is acne

Acne is a common classic. Acne is a classic discrete pink or reddish. This is due to excess oil production in the skin and the blockage of skin pores cause acne on the face so your face.

The way to overcome the types of pimples of acne Classical is to use a facial soap that contains benzoyl peroxide or sulfur in killing bacteria on your face. You can also consult a dermatologist so that it gets an accurate handling.

Acne acne that if the stone is healed scars or blemishes on the skin. The characteristics of acne are big and slow to heal. This results from severe inflammatory acne experience and can make you lose confidence if you experience this. This generally occurs due to your facial skin is very dirty and accumulating so that makes this type of acne to occur.

The way to overcome the types of pimples from this stone is consulted a dermatologist. This is because there is no product that is really accurate in dealing with this acne is one of the types of pimples.

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